Philosophy Journal Insight Project

The Philosophy Journal Insight Project (PJIP) aims to provide philosophy researchers with practical insights on potential venues for publication. The project is a work in progress; comments are welcome.


You can find the 2023 spreadsheet containing a comprehensive overview of ≈50 philosophy journals here. There is also a version with a built-in paper tracker here.The spreadsheet contains:
1) Standardisation of key information about journal submission; word counts, peer review anonymity, open access status, etc.
2) Collection of journal rankings from blogs and ranking sites; Leiter Rankings, SJR Rankings, SNIP Rankings, etc.
3) Estimates drawn from journals and APA surveys for acceptance rates, comment chance, average days for a desk rejection, average days for external review, etc.
4) Compilation of various impact statistics; total citations, CiteScore, percentile, etc.
The headings of each column contain notes that show up when hovering over the red arrow in the top right of the cell - they explain the information contained in each column and in some cases point to the source/further info.



Academic philosophy currently lacks a universal set of metrics on the operational efficiency of journals; the information available varies drastically and is presented irregularly. This is particularly detrimental for early career researchers and graduate students who rely on timely responses for their academic futures.The PJIP aims to help by standardising the statistics provided by journals, creating reliable estimates, and advocating for journal transparency. As a result, philosophical researchers will be better informed on the 'best' venues for their articles.

The project (and all of its content) was created by Sam Andrews, a Philosophy PhD candidate at the University of Birmingham, UK. If you have comments or want to get in touch: [email protected] or [email protected]